No matter whether you cook food for your family or are a professional chef, efficiency is crucial while working in the kitchen.  All you look forward to while cooking is to make delicious dishes effortlessly. Many find the task of peeling potatoes time-consuming. But when you have an electric potato peeler, you can have them peeled in seconds.

Several professional chefs work in famous restaurants, and they usually do not have so much time to peel potatoes manually. With the help of some efficient tools, they can get their jobs done adequately and rapidly. Professionals use an electric potato peeler, but you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy using some handy kitchenware.

Electric Potato Peeler Buying Guide


When you know everything about potato peelers, you can effortlessly find one of the best potato peelers. There are several alternatives available that will suit your needs perfectly. Your kitchen surroundings are established on what tools you have in it.

There are usually two types of potato peelers available: Y-shaped peeler and the straight peeler. Also, there are manual as well as electric peelers available. There are a few factors that you can look for while buying a peeler.

  •     Design- When we talk about designs, we are generally concerned about how it is made and whether it allows you to achieve your objective. When you look for a product, it must do what it contends to do. There are many peelers available, and I have personally operated many that are not effective. Some are designed poorly, and waste clogs up around their blade.
  •     Durability- Durability is a critical component that you want in your potato peeler. We don’t want our peelers to break when there is a hurry to prepare dinner. Hence, choosing the effective ones will save you when you need it the most. Varied durable models are available that are affordable as well. They may not last forever, but will inevitably end up lasting a few years.
  •     Blade- Several kinds of blades are available in various models—Ceramic, stainless steel, and also carbon steel blades. The only blade that is preferred by many is the stainless-steel blade. Having ceramic blades is risky, and especially if you are clumsy at the kitchen, you may break it. The carbon steel blades end up getting rusted if not dried up properly.

Top potato peeler

1. Victorinox Swiss Classic Multipurpose Peeler


This peeler is the best choice when you want to show your creativity. A multipurpose peeler that helps you attain your objectives in the kitchen. Manufactured with double edges that make it suitable even for the firmest peels. Its ergonomic handle makes it fun and easy to use. Cutting edge sharp edges that makes it a perfectly honed peeler. The steels blades used in this peeler are made with corrosion protection technology, and it is one of the best buys if you are looking for electric peelers.

Victorinox peelers come in handy when you want to be the master in your kitchen. They are available in six color variants for you to choose from.

2. Wonderchef smart peelers


These smart peelers have the qualities required for efficient peeling. This peeler has a built-in container that will collect your potatoes’ skin, and you can easily throw them away. It ensures that your kitchen top doesn’t get messy after work. Available in a compact size, so that you can store it almost anywhere. With sharper blades, you can easily peel off the skin.

You will not have to worry about its frequent cleaning since the peel gets nicely and cleanly collected. Dispose of the waste without tarring your hands. The peeler can be easily maintained and cleaned.

3. Orpio stainless steel potato peeler


The design of this peeler is excellent and elegant. 2 in 1 design of this peeler helps users use it for two functions. Use this one as a peeler or a grater. It has a hanging hook that allows secure storage and stores it handily, among other tools used in the kitchen. The stainless steel used in this peeler is corrosion-resistant, does not fade, and is strong and robust.

You can peel and shred with just one knife, is easy to operate, and easily used. You can peel vegetables and potatoes easily in only a few seconds. Buy this efficient potato peeler to make your life in the kitchen.

The handle of this peeler is long and comfortable to hold. With efficient technology, you can effortlessly peel your fruits and vegetables according to your needs. This peeler exhibits hardness, good strength, and rigidity. You can also clean this peeler using the dishwasher.

It is effortless to use this peeler for a prolonged period. This peeler comes in handy to peel potatoes in a fun and easy way. It is also capable of peeling large quantities of potatoes in less time taken. It will not wear away quickly.

4. Classy Touch Potato Peeler


This multipurpose peeler is easy to use, and you can peel your choice of fruits and vegetables. This peeler has an ergonomic design with a streamlined design, making peeling a very smooth action. You will not feel uncomfortable while doing several chores in the kitchen. It has carbon steel that is rust free and has guaranteed non-rust technology.

It’s the blade is wide swivel and ultra-sharp that can maintain less resistance while peeling. The handle has a rubber installed, which will keep it intact and not slip even when you hold it with wet hands. Buy this fantastic choice and achieve your objectives effectively.

Final Thoughts

There is a plethora of choices available to choose from. We have tried to narrow down the available choices. They are all tried and tested, and manufactured with the best blades and high-quality materials used. Straight-edge blades are preferred more. The performance of vegetable peelers is balanced with the warranty. The choices are the best vegetable peelers that you should consider having in your kitchen.


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