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This Friday Florida Times-Union front page, with a gun show sticker ad, is circulating on social media this morning. I asked the newspaper about it and got this statement from vice president of audience Kurt Caywood:

All of us at The Florida Times-Union know that gun violence is one of the most emotionally charged and pressing issues facing our community. The tragedy that occurred on a Duval County school bus Thursday was as societally significant as it was frightening. As such, a team of reporters, editors and photographers approached this story with great sensitivity and professionalism, and we stand proudly by their report on page 1A of Friday’s newspaper.

The appearance of a gun-related front-page sticky note on the same day was an incredibly regrettable coincidence. It was born of the purposeful separation between our news and advertising departments, an approach we take because we value nothing more than the objectivity of our journalism. That said, this clearly was an oversight. We’re aggressively reviewing our procedures and will implement steps to prevent such a situation in the future.

Earlier: Stamford Advocate runs gun show ad next to Sandy Hook story (jimromenesko.com)

It was announced Wednesday that former New York Times executive Denise Warren (below) will lead the digital side of Tribune Publishing and oversee its six East Coast newspapers. An SEC filing discloses her Tribune compensation:

Ms. Warren will receive an annual base salary of $625,000, subject to increase as determined by the Company.warren She will also be entitled to receive an annual cash bonus with a target of 100% of base salary and her bonus for 2015 shall be no less than 75% of her target bonus prorated based on the period of employment during 2015.

Ms. Warren’s employment agreement provides that for 2015, 2016 and 2017, subject to her continued employment, she will receive annual equity grants having an aggregate fair market value of $550,000 on the grant date, of which half of the value of the award will be stock options and half restricted stock units.

* Tribune Publishing taps ex-NYT exec Denise Warren (wsj.com)
* Tribune Publishing discloses Warren’s pay in an SEC filing (sec.gov)
* October 2014: Warren leaves New York Times after 26 years (nytimes.com)

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From the note:

I guess what I was asking/hoping is that you wouldn’t include my incident [driving with a suspended license] in the paper. I will even make any kind of deals with you. I lobster part time and if you like lobster then I could get you all the lobster you want for the next year and a nice free lobster dinner once or twice a year. I am really desperate not to let my family see this.

Portsmouth (NH) Herald reporter Beth Dinan tweeted the above note as a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) suggestion. She tells us: “I received the request in July of 2011, laughed a fair amount, stuck it on my bulletin board and never replied.”

* That time someone offered lobsters to stay out of the cop log (@DinanElizabeth)

This news is low in Digital First Media CEO John Paton’s memo to employees:

It has been determined that a sale of the Company as previously speculated is not in the best interest of shareholders at this time. However, we continue to have discussions concerning selected assets, and we are looking at potential acquisition opportunities.


Apollo Global Management was expected to acquire the newspaper chain.

Also: “In light of the strong trajectory the Company is on, John [Paton] has decided that the time is right for him to dedicate his efforts on a full-time basis to IVA Ventures.” Chief operating officer Steve Rossi replaces him.

Date: May 14, 2015 at 10:03:36 AM MDT
Subject: IMPORTANT Message From John Paton and Steve Rossi

(On behalf of John Paton & Steve Rossi)


As you all know, it is earnings season and we are seeing others in our industry report on their financial performance. While our fiscal year does not end until June 30th, we can see how it will finish and we thought this was a good time to update you on news at our Company on this and other fronts.

To begin, for DFM, it has been a strong year in a difficult environment. In short, because of you this Company has real, demonstrable momentum. Year-to-date we have:

* Increased our operating profit versus last year, enabling us to deliver on our goal of providing profit sharing for all eligible employees;

* Delivered nearly $200 million of digital ad sales; and

* Expanded our AdTaxi digital platform, both internationally and with large newspaper, television station and ad agency partners in 166 cities and 6 countries./CONTINUES Read More

* New York Times page one photo [below] explained: “Rich Docherty, who runs a photo blog called NYC Snapped, had been walking along Eighth Avenue looking for photo opportunities when he heard a ‘pop, pop, pop, pop.'” (instagram.com)times
* Imagining the Times doing clickbait. (deathandtaxesmag.com)
* Lester Holt anchoring the news from a helicopter was “distracting” and “ridiculous.” (adweek.com)
* Carolyn Washburn is out as Cincinnati Enquirer executive editor. (cincinnati.com)
* Earlier: Washburn tells her staff they’re “getting slammed by readers on sloppy copy.” (jimromenesko.com)
* Someone’s quite unhappy with ABC News PR: (@continetti) | (politico.com)
* Several newspaper companies tell Ken Doctor the second quarter could be worse than the first. (niemanlab.org)
* Former U-T San Diego sportswriter Tim Sullivan on his old paper being sold to Tribune: “I am encouraged that the paper may be able to regain some of the credibility and trust it lost to heavy-handed and counterproductive leadership.” (sdcitybeat.com) | Sullivan would consider returning to San Diego. (timesofsandiego.com)
* The Onion’s redesign adds infinite scrolling. (wired.com)
* USA Today sports site FTW gets rid of infinite scrolling. (digiday.com)
* Ira Glass explains his much-discussed comment about public radio being ready for capitalism: “I did NOT mean that public radio should abandon its mission and shoot instead for ratings and profits.” (current.org)
* Paging Scripps National Speling Spelling Bee judge Dr. Dr. Jacques Bailly! (@malloriesullivn)

* This statement apparently was made in a scripted narration (@ScottDPierce)

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The former leadership team of Civitas Media, which has newspapers in 12 states, thought it could cut its way to profitability. Several years ago, it removed the color comics from its Sunday papers, and dropped the weather map. Other cuts were made, too, that resulted in big circulation losses, I’m told.

Last October, Michael Bush resigned as Civitas Media CEO to “pursue other opportunities,” and was replaced by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review CEO Ralph Martin. The new boss, along with editorial vice president Jim Lawitz, are trying to win back readers by adding content, including sports agate and expanded weather coverage.

“Maybe some of the changes we’ve made in recent years weren’t the best,” Civitas editor John Peters told his readers last Sunday.

“You may have also noticed [in addition to color comics] a return to the regular Sunday publication of public records, including marriage licenses, divorces, and land transfers. In the coming weeks we’ll expand that even further, to include regular sheriff’s office reports and an expanded, more in-depth coverage of the county court system.”

Adding content instead of cutting? What a concept!

“In some of our markets we’re starting to see some [circulation] growth,” editorial chief Lawitz tells me.

* Sunday comics are back in the Robesonian! (facebook.com)


From the Wall Street Journal’s story

nydnAn Amtrak train involved in a fatal crash here appears to have been traveling at more than 100 miles an hour as it entered a sharp curve where it derailed Tuesday night …The speed limit in that section of track drops to 50 miles per hour.

From the Washington Post’s report:

Among those killed is Jim Gaines, a video software architect from the Associated Press. Gaines, a 48-year-old father of two, had attended a meeting in Washington and was returning home to Plainsboro, N.J., according to a confirmation from his wife, the AP said.

* Gaines had been with the Associated Press since 1998 (cnn.com)
* Train derailment death toll climbs to seven (washingtonpost.com)

* Front pages of today’s Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News (newseum.org)
* Associated Press video software architect Jim Gaines was one of six killed in the derailment. (ap.org) | New York Observer’s Jill Jorgensen was injured. (observer.com)
* Dean Baquet: “Not enough people know how good we are [at the New York Times], how well we’re doing financially, and how bright the future looks for us.” (nytimes.com)
* Facebook Instant Articles explained. (“To some, [the Facebook-publishers partnership is] an obvious win-win,” writes Brian Stelter. “To many others, however, Facebook is a ‘frenemy’ to the news business.”) (money.cnn.com)
* The New York Times is publishing only one article on Facebook today. (recode.net)
* “Traditional publishers” are said to be interested AOL’s content sites. (digiday.com)
* “Some insiders at AOL believe the sites can bring something to the table at Verizon.” (wsj.com)
* Ken Doctor‘s nine takeaways from the AOL-Verizon deal. (capitalnewyork.com)
* Oh, we know: “Newspapers and reporting jobs have been disappearing at an alarming rate.” (brookings.edu)
* Seymour Hersh on the flap over his latest piece: “I don’t care.” (washingtonpost.com) | NYT reporter: Don’t be so quick to dismiss Hersh’s claims. (nytimes.com)
* An Illinois politics website bans “dope” and “stupid” in comments. “Idiot” and “moron” were previously banned. (capitolfax.com)
* Muscatine (Iowa) Community College student newspaper staffers sue the school over alleged free speech violations. (muscatinejournal.com)
* Report: Cablevision is no longer interested in the New York Daily News – even for a mere buck. (nypost.com)
* Duke Chronicle drops its print edition for the summer. (dukechronicle.com)
* Raney Aronson replaces David Fanning as “Frontline” executive producer. (nytimes.com)
* Gay Talese‘s address book is featured in a new short film. (grantland.com)
* JOBS: Cedar Rapids Gazette is looking for a news editor. An education news website seeks a video director. (Romenesko Jobs)


* Watch the CBS 46 (Atlanta) report (youtube.com/”treats” at 00:36)

– h/t Chris Lehman

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