Daily Archives: November 20, 2011

I’m trying hard to find people to speak on the record about controversial Fox News media relations senior veep Irena Briganti. Peter Johnson retired as USA Today media writer a few years ago and I figured he might have stories. (I have no idea if they’d be positive or negative.) Another journalist told me that Johnson was the guy on Facebook who lived in Dallas. I checked his bio and thought it was odd that it didn’t mention USA Today. Trying to erase memories of the place? Anyway, I sent him an email and got this response.

Jim: No, I’m not that Peter Johnson, though I feel like I know him. Funny story about him: Shortly after he went to USAT, I was hired by the paper he used to work at. HR and payroll were very confused. Good luck tracking him down, Pete J.

My search for the other Peter Johnson continues.