My favorite Sirius XM show

I hate fast food, but I love “The Fast Food Show,” co-hosted by “Jump the Shark” creator and Type 1 diabetic Jon Hein. Chicago radio personality Abe Kanan — a guest on the Nov. 14th show — explained why he no longer goes to Lou Malnati’s, which is often called Chicago’s best pizza joint.

KANAN: I ordered a bacon cheeseburger…

HEIN: That’s your problem. What are you getting a bacon cheeseburger at a pizza place for?

KANAN: They have good burgers there. So I order a bacon cheeseburger. Keep in mind, Lou Malnati’s is a chain restaurant, it’s not like some prestigious restaurant. I order a bacon cheeseburger and the waitress says, Cool, I’ll be right back.

She comes back two minutes later and says, I can’t do it because the chef thinks it’s going to ruin the integrity of the burger. Putting bacon on this shitty burger! It’s not some high quality piece of meat! It’s a shitty burger, right?

So then I said, OK fine, let me get a cheeseburger and a side of bacon. She said that shouldn’t be a problem. She comes back two minutes later — I’m not making this up; I have witnesses who saw this — the chef said, You can’t have it because he knows you’re going to put bacon on the cheeseburger.

HEIN: The reason they did it because you weren’t ordering pizza.

KANAN: I’ve never been back.

“The Fast Food Show” airs on Sirius XM’s Howard 101 channel. Follow Jon Hein for the show schedule. || For Chicagoans who are interested, Kanan told me in email that this happened at the Malnati’s at 439 N. Wells St. I called the restaurant and a day manager had doubts about the story. “We only serve kids’ burgers,” she said.



  1. Or maybe it was a chicken salad sandwich on toast, hold the chicken.

  2. I haven’t been to Lou Malnati’s in a while (too long), but I don’t recall burgers on the menu. Not trying to call anyone a liar, but …