Today’s tweets

Here are the stories I tweeted to @romenesko followers today:
* Sun-Times Media online sites to begin metered pay plan
* New York Press recruits writers for website relaunch
* How would an alien invasion, pandemic or nuclear annihilation be covered?
* Fincher on embargoes: I wouldn’t show movies to anybody before they were released
* Utne Reader to move from Minneapolis to Topeka; seven editorial staffers won’t go
* Syracuse U. editor: “Right now, we’re competing with ESPN, CNN and the Post-Standard.”
* Union-Tribune’s new owners see opportunities in disruption of traditional media
* Columbus Dispatch cartoonist suspended over drawing “strikingly similar” to New Yorker’s
* Does NYT really want to be acting as an open mic for an alleged sexual predator?
* Artist who draws daily interpretations of LAT’s A1 says “I still enjoy the paper as a physical object”



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