Two updates

The Chicago Tribune has responded to this morning’s post about a subscriber’s 13-week rate going from $42.25 to $95:

In the past five months we have made some important changes to the Chicago Tribune, including the addition of more than 40 pages of news coverage every week. We have made significant investments in content based on reader feedback resulting in increased coverage of important issues such as pension abuse.

We are asking our home delivery customers to pay a new rate based on the value we provide and the increasing cost of doing business. All home delivery subscribers will still enjoy a discount off of the newsstand price.

Home delivery rates are determined by a variety of factors including the number of days a customer subscribes and whether Sunday delivery is included. While some customers who had an extremely low introductory rate may have seen a larger increase, they are still receiving a savings off of the newsstand price.‪ Longer term subscribers are seeing more moderate increases, which also remains a savings off of the newsstand price.

Thank you,

Kate Fotenos
Chicago Tribune


I wrote in my story about the “Blue Ball Three” that I couldn’t track down fired USA Today staffer Karen Allen. Lisa Hoffman sends this email:

Happy to say Karen Allen is alive and well and living in a house she’s building in Colorado. After her firing, Scripps Howard News Service was lucky enough to hire her. She was the features editor with us for about five years, then left to bag it all and move to the mountains. She now is a freelance editor for SHNS, working virtually, and, again, we’re thrilled to have her.