Greenville News editor mum on f-word investigation

It’s been a week since the f-word made it into the Greenville News and executive editor John Pittman promised readers that “we will deal appropriately with it.”

Has the Gannett-owned paper done that? Here’s my email exchange with Pittman:

Good morning John. I’m checking to see if Gannett and your paper have found the person responsible for the f-word getting into your paper. If so, what was the disciplinary action?

Jim, we never discuss disciplinary matters. — john

That’s fine. But my question is: Have you identified the culprit?

Sorry. Nothing more I want to say on it.

I’d appreciate hearing from Greenville News/Gannett employees who know the status of this investigation. Email me at

UPDATE — One of my Facebook friends wrote on my wall:

Gannett posted a News Page Designer job opening in Louisville (where most of the copy editing and page design for the Greenville paper is done now) on Dec. 3. Coincidence?