ASNE headed to Mizzou?

Back in August, the Reston, VA-based American Society of News Editors announced that it’s “seeking collaborations and partnerships with other organizations, including possibly partnering with a journalism school for office space and operational synergies.”

I’m told that ASNE is most likely moving to the Missouri School of Journalism.

My source says:

The ASNE convention in April is in conjunction with NAA’s mediaXchange in D.C., so no move is likely until the after that.

Some of the thinking from ASNE brass is that Mizzou seems to be a right fit for IRE [Investigative Reporters and Editors], so you could ask the IRE exec director if he’s been informally contacted about pros/cons of being on a campus.

“I’ve talked to them a little bit,” IRE executive director Mark Horvit tells me. He points out that the Religion Newswriters Association and Association of Health Care Journalists are also at Missouri’s j-school.

My source continues:

The idea behind moving to a campus is to gain research (though the university would own any research) and member synergy by moving to a campus, along with cheap student labor.

ASNE’s board is worried about bad publicity like Gawker’s bon mot back in August: “The American Society of News Editors is now downsizing to, essentially, one desk crammed in the back of a J-school office somewhere.”

ASNE, which laid off four fulltime staffers last summer, reported in its 2007 IRS Form 990 that it had net assets of $391,349 at the beginning of the year. The association’s 2009 Form 990 — the most recent on Guidestar — reported that the figure had dipped to $82,634 (UPDATE: ASNE executive director Richard Karpel tells me that “we also have a 501(c)(3) foundation. The great majority of our assets are held by the Foundation, not ASNE.)

What Karpel says about ASNE moving to Missouri:

We have not made a decision yet regarding which school we will be partnering with. We are presently in negotiation and will make an announcement on this subject in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: I asked Missouri j-school dean Dean Mills about ASNE moving in. His response:

Nothing official yet, but ASNE and Mizzou are indeed talking about a
mashup. At Mizzou, we see ASNE as a natural partner for our Reynolds
Journalism Institute and its mission of developing and testing journalism
innovations that serve citizens.




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