Today’s tweets

What I tweeted today to @romenesko followers:

* “I feel so pretty,” says the most actually-read “Read It Later” author on the Internet

* “Epic brawl” breaks out at Cincinnati/Xavier game, but Cincy Enquirer photog Jeff Swinger keeps shooting

* Playboy will be moving its print operations to Los Angeles in April

* Christiane Amanpour preparing to step down as “This Week” anchor, two sources tell NYT

* NYT attorney tells NYPD commish “we are disappointed” to see cop interfere with photographer at protest

* BuzzFeed founder: “Our front-page traffic is growing really fast but the reason people are coming is changing”

* Kurtz on Chelsea Clinton: “Her demeanor is reserved, she doesn’t project her voice like a broadcaster”

* Comcast to carry BBC World News channel, opening door for wider distribution in U.S.