AP Style-checking software and Macs

I told the Associated Press that I was getting questions from Mac users about its new style-checking software. Is it Windows-only? my readers want to know. Here’s the response I got from AP Stylebook product manager Colleen Newvine:

We’re getting a lot of questions about Mac, as well, and we completely understand that many newsrooms, design firms and other dedicated AP style fans are Mac shops.

As the cliché goes, you have to start somewhere. Bassam and Peter from Equiom are copied here; they are Microsoft ex-pats who brought a proposal to us for StyleGuard and we collaborated to roll it out because it fills a need our current Stylebook suite doesn’t.

Will it meet the needs of every Stylebook user? No. But I do think there are a great many people using Microsoft Word on PCs who will find this tool useful, and we will continue to assess what’s next and when.

By the way, I’m not sure if you’re aware of our existing collaboration with Tansa Systems. Going back several years, Tansa has offered an AP Stylebook module for its proofing tools, and several U.S. newspapers use that as an enhancement to their front-end system. So if StyleGuard isn’t the right fit for newsrooms, that’s another alternative for automated style checking.




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  1. Dave Barnes said:

    Coleen’s answer is full of weasel words. Is she running for office?