NYT sells Regional Media Group to Halifax

I’m told that Halifax Media is buying the New York Times Regional Media Group.

The sale wasn’t supposed to be announced today, but the web page you see on the right was posted this morning by accident; it shows all of the Regional Media Group papers being owned by Halifax.

The web page was quickly taken down soon, but not before someone grabbed a screenshot for me.

New York Times corporate communications senior vice president Bob Christie won’t comment now, but promises to call back. || UPDATE: He has pointed me to the Times’ press release.

* New York Times Regional Media Group papers



  1. Carol said:

    Good job, Jim. My sources at a regional paper say that they’ve just announced a town hall at 2 p.m. today. Guess we’ll find out more then.

  2. Clifford Ackley said:

    First they dumb down what formerly was an excellent group of newspapers through the ’90s, but in this century have pandered to the lowest denominator. They they fired and laid off. Then they cut benefits, increase health insurance costs, sold their presses, created truly the dumbest most ill-considered website designs in the western hemisphere, began lying about readership, using the old TV dodge in this case page view and unique hits .. this was inevitable. It explains why their web presence was so anemic: they had no intention of actually using it. Bad for the employees, maybe, many of whom will be former based on the Halifax Mitt Romney acquisition model. Many of those people are just short of qualifying for a Times Co. pension.