Vacationing cartoonist turns her space over to officials

Philadelphia Daily News cartoonist Signe Wilkinson is on vacation, “baking cookies until January 2,” according to her Out of Office AutoReply. She wrote me — while waiting for a batch to cool? — about her fill-ins:

Mayor Michael Nutter drew today’s cartoon for the Philadelphia
Daily News substituting for me while I’m on vacation/furlough. Tomorrow Pennsylvania State Representative Dwight Evans fills in. Wednesday is City Councilwoman Marian Tasco and Thursday Acting Sheriff Barbara Deeley. With the last two contributions, I’ve significantly upped the number of women editorial cartoonists in America.

I offered the spot to a number of local pols whom I’ve drawn (and quartered) over the year and assured them they could take on whatever or whomever they wanted, including me and my paper.

You can see the mayor’s cartoon on Wilkinson’s Facebook page.