A bleak view of Chicago journalism

Lee Froehlich (Chicago Reader photo)

Playboy managing editor Leopold ‘Lee’ Froehlich has hope for print: it’s going to change, but it’s not going to die, he says. “Railroads aren’t dead and radio’s not dead — they just changed.” He doesn’t have much hope for Chicago journalism, though:

I think it’s sad now to see the state of the journalism business in this town. This was such a great newspaper town, it was such an interesting magazine town. I could see a point where there won’t be any newspapers or magazines in this town. The trend, it seems to me, is not friendly to Chicago. They’re consolidating a lot of the stuff in New York. It’s really hard to be a magazine journalist in this town considering 96 percent of the jobs are in New York. If you get a good job, you really have to hold on to it because there are fewer good magazine jobs or journalism jobs in the city than ever before.

* The People Issue: Leopold “Lee” Froehlich