San Diego Union-Tribune becomes U-T San Diego

The paper formerly known as the San Diego Union-Tribune told readers today that it’s now U-T San Diego. (The paper’s website,, becomes

From the rebranding memo/FAQ to employees:

Why the change in the company/newspaper?

– The change is a result of continually listening to our readers, customers, and community partners to ensure we are delivering on their needs and the needs of our community.

The San Diego paper was recently acquired by hotel owner Doug Manchester, whose team says it aims to make a “good” paper “great” by implementing changes that include a new dress code for journalists.

The full memo:

TO: All employees

Starting Tuesday, January 3, we will use a new company name and logo on all of our media products and communications: U-T San Diego. This change marks a new era in our company’s history. It will help us unify our print and digital products under a single brand with a clear and consistent expectation of quality. In this way, is now to match the nameplate of the newspaper and our newly released iPad app. We will operate as one integrated media company.


Yes, starting January 3rd, everyone who has an email box in Exchange will have a new email address. The new email address will maintain the same alias (first name.last name) that is currently used; but, the domain changes. For example, if you have an email
address that is, the new address becomes This will also change for all mail-enabled public folders. It is important to note, that email will continue to be received by the older email address. This change just adds a new address and sets it as a primary, reply-to address; it does not remove the email address that existed previously. [CONTINUES]

Beginning the end of Friday, December 30, 2011, the ability to create and use personal email signatures within Outlook will be disabled. This change should take effect over a couple of days, and is in preparation for a new, global template to be automatically inserted starting January 3rd.

New Global Email Signatures

Starting January 3rd, a new, global email signature will be activated for anyone that sends email via Exchange (Outlook, ActiveSync, Blackberry or OWA). This new signature will include the first name, last name, job title and email address, as well as the new company logo with specific company information. Initially, there will only be one signature for all, and this is in the interest of time specifically for the rebranding. Gradually, there will be more
templates created for email signatures for various groups of people that require more specific signature information.

Mobile Devices Using ActiveSync

Any mobile devices that synchronize to the company Exchange server for email, calendar and contact information will need to make a minor change to the setting. Some How-To documents are being created to help with this, but it really only affects the email address field in your
email setting. For anyone who uses an iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows phone and connects to Exchange via ActiveSync, this change has to be made. BlackBerry requires no change.

Remote Access to Corporate Systems

Anyone who uses resources remotely, such as Citrix, there are no changes that occur as a result of this change. For example, if the URL is used for remote connections, the URL remains unchanged.

In addition, the URL for Outlook Web Application (OWA) will remain unchanged—

As of January 3, please answer with your name and U-T San Diego.


The company itself, in text references, including display type: U-T San Diego

URL in display type:

URL embedded in text:

email references in text:

Social media: The new logos will roll out over the next few weeks.

Yes, we are finalizing the design and will order them soon.

Yes, we’re working on pricing and prioritizing the rebranding all public-facing instances of our name.



Here are some questions that our readers/advertisers may ask you:

Why the change in the company/newspaper?

– The change is a result of continually listening to our readers, customers, and community partners to ensure we are delivering on their needs and the needs of our community.

– We will now operate as one integrated media company

Why are we changing the logo?

– It will help us unify our print and digital products under a singular brand identity with a clear and consistent expectation of quality.

– This change also preserves the strong heritage of the Union-Tribune brand while marking a new era in our company’s history.

What about, will that change?

– Yes, we have changed SignOnSanDiego to to align with our print newspaper and iPad app

What happened to the Daily Deal?

– It is now called U-T San Diego Deals. We intend to expand our offerings under this new brand.

What other visual changes might we expect?

– Implementing clearer color coding to denote different sections/categories of content

– Brighter, consistent color palette across all platforms

Thanks for your cooperation and patience as we undertake this large effort.


Kris Viesselman
Vice President, Product Development + Chief Creative Officer



  1. JDC said:

    In other pro-free-market rebranding news, the Manchester Union-Leader will become “U Lead, Manny,”Western Union will become “UUU” or “triple-u”, Union Squares in New York and San Francisco will simply be “U^2” (pending TM battle with the band U2) all Union Stations will become “Zoo Stations” (pending another TM battle with U2), that terrible album by Soul Asylum will be renamed “Grave Dancers Freely Contracted Association,” and the European Union will be referred to as “Ew!”

  2. The dress code issue I can understand, but disabling email signatures and setting up templates? That seems like overkill.

  3. Jason T. said:

    I like this part:
    “Comments on this story are closed.”

    Their new publisher really does embody the hospitality industry: A veneer of friendliness that hides a need to control every aspect of the customers’ and employees’ lives.

  4. The University of Texas-San Diego?

  5. Anon said:

    UTSD = University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston.

    Doofus owner never learned the simple truth: Content is King.

  6. garsky said:

    That’s really the new logo? Looks like something off a mid-70s high school yearbook

  7. Ed Murrieta said:

    We laughed at David Burgin when he insisted the Fang-owned San Francisco daily be named The Examiner (period). God I sorely miss working with David Burgin now.

  8. Heather said:

    After much spending of money on rebranding, and loss of money, we have determined to close the paper and develop the property into a hotel. Also we would like a tax credit for the revenue losses. Ok thanks goodby.

  9. Liz said:

    U-T = University of Texas or University of Toronto. And the use of acronyms in a newspaper name is just ugly.

  10. Rusty Vega said:

    San Diego is less a city and more a collection of neighborhoods and villages. There is no raison d’etre for a large paper like the Union-Tribune to exist. Manchester will discover this soon enough. Expect lay-offs, print shrinkage, etc. He’d do better contracting with neighborhood weeklies to keep his presses running and putting out only a Sunday paper while building up the U-T website to handle daily news.

  11. Doug said:

    I wonder who picked that type for the new logo. It looks like it was selected by someone with no design experience or skills who wanted to make it look fancy. Like what you see on invitations – for some small-time civic gala – made at home by a volunteer using a Microsoft Word template.