Magazine ad revenue flat in 2011

The Publishers Information Bureau reports the number of ad pages in consumer magazines declined 8% in the fourth quarter; total print ad pages declined 3.1% in 2011 vs. the year before.

Fourth quarter gainers:
Reader’s Digest (up 29.7%)
People StyleWatch (up 26.3%)
Playboy (up 24.6%)

The steepest declines:
The Week (down 45.1%)
US Weekly (down 32.6%)
Better Homes and Gardens (down 26.4%)

New York Times ad columnist Stuart Elliott points out that advertisers have been reducing spending in newspapers much more than they have in magazines.

* 2011 overall magazine advertising revenue flat

* Magazine ad pages fell 3.1% in 2001, with a weak end to the year

* Magazines lost ad pages in fourth quarter of 2011