Nick Kristof on journalism in the digital age

Fast Company: Is there a more problematic side with the journalism in the digital age? Do you worry that citizen journalism diminishes overall credibility, for instance?

Nick Kristof: I think that there will always be a hierarchy of credibility. We in the media have historically been gatekeepers. Now I think that’s largely lost, and that’s a disadvantage. But having people shooting videos everywhere provides a useful level of accountability.

* Kristof on journalism in a digital world



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  1. Sam M said:

    Kristof laments the fact that people like him are no longer the gatekeepers.

    He is quoted in the article:

    “A lot of people including me were really taken aback by the videos of police violence during Occupy Wall Street.”

    He makes no mention of the thousands of videos and images of crimes, violence and abuses that were committed by Occupy protesters.

    He clearly has a one sided, unbalanced view. He completely ignores Occupy protesters behavior.

    We have not always been well served by the “gatekeepers” like him.

    And asking a former “gatekeeper” about citizen journalism is dumb. What journalist or media organization wants to admit or accept that their power has diminished and their product is no longer relevant?