GateHouse moves to central copy desks, lays off staff

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Going forward, there will be two central desks — a metro desk located in Chicago and a community desk located in New England. The metro desk will produce newspapers with a circulation of 5,000 or more, while the community desk will produce pages for
publications with a circulation below 5,000 as well as all weeklies. Both desks will
contribute some digital content for local newspapers.

Stories about GateHouse’s plans are in WUIS News, Peoria Watchdog, Illinois Times.



  1. Bill Reader said:

    What a travesty, and sure-fire way to undermine the local authority of that company’s newspapers.

    Copy editors who live and work in the communities are going to much more in tune with local issues, local culture, hell even local geography. It doesn’t take very many mistakes of geography or cultural assumptions to undermine the community’s opinion of the local newspaper.

    Reputable newspaper companies should be hiring more local copy editors, not consolidating into remote-controlled copy-editing farms.

    Many of the challenges facing newspapers are self-inflicted wounds, and the consolidated copy desk stands as one of the single worst, “pound-foolish” ideas to come from the bean-counters.

  2. Interchangeable Chess Piece said:

    It’s nice to see that GateHouse is being fiscally responsible by putting these desks in Chicago and New England, two places that are known for their low cost of doing business and low cost of living.