U-T San Diego owner uses his paper to push waterfront plan

When real-estate developer Doug Manchester bought the San Diego Union-Tribune (now called U-T San Diego) in November, the Los Angeles Times reported that “an immediate concern in San Diego is whether Manchester, known for never running from a political controversy, will use the newspaper to advance his financial interests or his disputes with governmental bodies such as the Coastal Commission.”

That commission, in early November, rejected Manchester’s proposal to build hotels along the San Diego waterfront.

The newspaper owner comes out swinging today with a front page editorial (at left), “New vision needed for downtown waterfront to realize vast potential” and an inside editorial, “Making the vision a reality.”


This is disheartening. The priority no. one [#1] of the paper is realizing this bold vision of downtown redevelopment? How about priority no. one being bringing is accurate news.

The newspaper — no doubt anticipating criticism — responded:

That is our priority, each and every day. That is the focus and mission of the newsroom. This is an editorial campaign being launched by our publisher and the editorial pages, which is separate and distinct from the newsroom operations. Thanks for your interest.

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* Inside editorial: Making the vision a reality
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