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The Wisconsin man who has owned is selling the domain name and hoping to get up to $1 million for it. “[Francis Diederich] bought the domain back in 1994 or 1995 and always thought he would do something with it, but he never developed it,” says broker John Cribb, who is handling the sale. (The site is currently a newspaper website directory.) “He turned down big money for it in the old days — he had offers of $750,000 and $1 million,” says Cribb. “My guess is that somewhere between $400,000 and a million is what he’d like to get now.” Cribb says appears as the first or second result in a Google search for newspapers. (The New York Times, he notes, owns || The press release is after the jump.

For Immediate Release:

“” domain name offered for sale

Internet Express Inc., the company that owns the domain name “” and related website has indicated it will entertain offers for the name and site, according to newspaper brokerage firm Cribb, Greene & Associates who represent the seller in the contemplated transaction. Internet Express, Inc. has owned the domain name for seventeen years but has decided not to further develop the accompanying website. “” appears as the first or second result in a Google search for newspapers. This highly visible domain name is attractive to companies that own newspapers or provide services in the newspaper-related industry. Basic information on the domain name and website is available by contacting the Cribb, Greene Montana office: John Cribb, Managing Director,, 406-586-6621.

Potential buyers for “” are invited to provide a non-binding expression of interest to include the purchase price, terms, proposed purchase date and any contingencies to closing to by March 15, 2012. Cribb, Greene & Associates is an eighty-eight year old newspaper brokerage, consulting and appraisal firm with offices in Charlottesville, Virginia and Bozeman, Montana. Contact information for the firm principals is available at



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  1. Rich said:

    I’m a former newspaper guy as well as an active domainer and I can tell you the guy missed his chance. Domains are fetching lower and lower prices all the time. Back in 2004, maybe, MAYBE, he could have gotten what he’s expecting. But I think his days of getting $1 million are over.