‘The Elite Media’

Former CNN news chief Eason Jordan’s Poll Position firm asked people: In your opinion, is it fair or unfair to brand some journalists and media outlets as “The elite media”? 35.3% said fair; 36.4% said unfair; and 28.3% had no opinion. But…

There was a very strong correlation between political opinion and the question of media fairness. A plurality of Republican respondents said it was fair to call some journalists part of the elite media, while a plurality of Democratic respondents said it was unfair. Independents were split almost even.

* Is it fair to brand journalist as part of the ‘elite media’?



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  1. Poll Position is just goofy. I remember they polled Americans on whether any newspaper is worth $2.50. (The Times had just raised its price.) Shockingly, 73% said no. Given that most Americans, if they buy a paper at all, pay 75 cents or maybe a dollar, it’s hardly surprising — or fair or valid — that an overwhelming number would say that any paper is worth three times what they are currently paying.