Tribune bankruptcy bill hits $231 million

Tribune’s monthly operating report filed with the bankruptcy court last week says the company‚Äôs bill for professional fees since its 2008 Chapter 11 filing now totals $212.9 million, with another $17.8 million on lawyers’ expenses, reports Crain’s Lynne Marek. (The fees totaled $157 million last May, according to a Wall Street Journal story from that month.) Crain’s reports today:

Tribune’s financial results appear to be improving. The monthly operating report filed on Jan. 24 shows the Chicago-based company increased its cash balance to $2.05 billion as of Dec. 25 from $1.78 billion a year earlier.

Net income also rose at year-end, to $62.1 million from Nov. 21 through Dec. 25, vs. $43.3 million for roughly the same period in 2010, the report said. Revenue for the five-week period was flat, at $330.6 million.

* Tribune’s bankruptcy bill is $231 million and counting
* May 2011: Tribune bankrupcy fees hit $150 million
* March 2010: Lawyers in Tribune case warned about charging more than $1,000/hour