More complaints about Facebook Subscribe

Maybe Facebook will pay attention to the problem now.

My complaints about Facebook Subscribe were pretty much pooh-poohed last week by Facebook Journalist Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik who told me in an email:

Your post seems to suggest that people are “spammers” because they are from another country and subscribed to you. You have to remember that more than 70% of facebook users are outside the states. They likely found you because of their interest in media.

Sure we deal with some spam, but fight hard to create an authentic environment and users have to be verified. I think that this is simply a result of your expectations not being aligned with results and the fact that Facebook is a global platform.

Today the New York Daily News reports that some journalists are so frustrated by Facebook Subscribe spam and porn that they’ve “shut down their public walls so that strangers can no longer leave or send them messages anymore – effectively defeating the purpose of Subscribe.”

After New York Times media writer Brian Stelter tweeted his complaint this morning about Facebook spam, CBS Miami news director Liz Roldan told him that “omg mine is pure porn.”

Meanwhile, I’d like to welcome a few new subscribers to my Facebook public updates: “Shenash Jecob (Works at No Job Company),” “Mohamed Ismail Firthous (Self Employed at Muslim Army),” and Sina Chel (Works at Best of hacker).” I assume you’ve all been verified by Facebook and you found me because of your interest in media. Right?

* Facebook Subscribe exposes journalists to spam, pornography
* These Facebook Subscribe numbers that are being thrown around are bogus



  1. In general anything a Facebook manager pooh-poohs can be counted on to be a real problem for the company. They aren’t paid to be candid you know.

  2. why is my facebook comming up as– internet explorer cannot display the web page. Is there anything I can do to correct this problem