Olivier Knox named Yahoo News White House correspondent

Olivier Knox

Olivier Knox, who is currently Congressional correspondent for Agence France-Press, begins White House correspondent duties for Yahoo News on Feb. 13. “I am thrilled to be joining the team covering politics at Yahoo News,” he says, “and truly honored to serve as the first White House correspondent.”
* Yahoo News hires Olivier Knox as White House correspondent



  1. Sam said:

    Do you read the public comments on your article? How come you don’t answer some of them? Is it because from conservative? Do you only answer liberals?
    Are you going to vote for Obama?

  2. Sam shows off the broad thinking that pervades most political discussions today.

  3. John Shurr said:

    You nailed it Robert K.

  4. Dan Mitchell said:

    No, no. I think he’s right. It’s because from conservative.

  5. Dan, let the adults discuss this one. The left-wing conspiracy sites are everywhere. Go find one.

  6. Jonathan said:

    On first reference that should be ‘President Obama.’

  7. Dan Mitchell said:

    See, Robert? This is what I mean. You’re only here to instigate trouble. I was making fun of the guy’s grammar. If your sole intent weren’t to look for things to base childish flame wars on, you would have recognized that. How many “adults” spends hours and hours each day, for years, alone in a room, starting fights with strangers on their computer?

  8. Dan, how many adults post attacks, with first name only, then try to claim someone else is “instigating trouble”?

    Like I said, let the adults have at this one.