Chicago Tribune kills ‘Doonesbury’ over mention of charity

Chicago Tribune ran this Note to Readers on Friday:

“The ‘Doonesbury” cartoon is not running Friday. The comic strip broke from its satirical mission in order to deliver a direct fundraising appeal for a specific charity [] that the author favors. The Tribune’s editorial practices do not allow individuals to promote their self-interests.”

-- @brianboyer

Here’s the strip the Tribune refused to publish:


The Tribune’s decision was questioned by the Chicagoland Radio and Media website:

Any controversy surrounding has been an incredibly minor one. Until today. By removing the Doonesbury comic mentioning today, the Chicago Tribune has tossed fuel on what was a small fire, which has suddenly become a much larger fire. The newspaper, long accused of having a conservative lean to its editorial decisions, faces those accusations once again.



  1. Bill Reader said:

    Also, in the “oblivious hypocrisy” category: Immediately above the holier-than-thou castigation of a cartoonist promoting a worthy cause is what looks to be a bit of advertorial tripe for one of the Trib’s own $75 “TribNation” seminars. Apparently, it’s better for people to pay $75 to the Trib to assist with its self-inflicted bankruptcy troubles than to donate half that much to underfunded public schools.

  2. indybend said:

    Nicely done, Tribune. If I were a reader of the Tribune, the first thing I would do is go directly to Doonesbury’s online site and find out which charity he is promoting, and then donate to it.

  3. Yes, you would. Get going. JR gives you the cite for the site. Let me hear the ka-ching of money being given by you.

    I’d have prefered the Trib to dump the strip entirely and for all time under the justification of being predictable and unfunny for decades.

  4. Paul said: