Central Michigan University to offer social media certificate

Central Michigan University is going to start offering an undergraduate certificate in social media. Students have to take 12 required hours of journalism classes and one three-credit hour elective to get the certificate. “The program will inform students on the ethical implications of social media and will teach students to maximize online traffic to meet business objectives,” writes Central Michigan Life reporter David Oltean.
*Journalism deparment to offer social media certificate



  1. Bode said:

    Your 2002 infographic forgot to include myspace.com….

  2. Jim said:

    Bode — put those glasses on! It’s there. Oh, and it’s not from 2002.

  3. wubbly said:

    Shut all the J-schools down, once and for all! Certificates and other worthless credentials, too. Kids: do not attempt to “educate” yourselves in this fashion.