Sex ed from University of Hawaii’s student paper

KGMB/KHNL-TV reporter Teri Okita intro’d her report on the University of University of Hawaii college paper’s Valentine’s Day feature this way:

Forget about the New York Post’s Page Six. That’s child’s play compared to Ka Leo’s Page Sixteen. The headline reads, “Don’t Change Partners, Change Positions.” …

Who knew Ka Leo would give The Kama Sutra a run for its money?

TV station censors sex-position sketch

Four line drawings of sex positions aren’t much of a threat to The Kama Sutra, but they’re enough to get a TV news crew rushing to the University of Hawaii campus for a story on a Valentine’s Day issue sex feature with “not only written instructions, but graphic illustrations, as well.”

Ka Leo (The Voice) chief copy editor Karleanne Matthews told the TV station that “we wanted [the drawings] to be clear because we wanted them to be helpful. And that’s the advantage of an illustration over just descriptions and words. But we didn’t want them to be pornographic in any way.”

The TV news report didn’t even mention the editors’ sex song picks. (The late Etta James is at the top of the list.)

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