Detroit News auto writer Scott Burgess jumps to AOL Autos

Scott Burgess

Veteran Detroit News auto critic Scott Burgess is jumping to AOL Autos at the end of the month. He tells Crain’s Detroit that “I’ll still be writing about cars and the auto industry, contributing to both AOL Autos and Autoblog as a senior editor. For me professionally, it’s a chance to reach a much larger and broader audience.” Bill Shea writes:

His departure leaves three holes in The News’ auto coverage team. Jumping ship last month were Alisa Priddle (across the hall to the Detroit Free Press to cover autos) and Christina Rogers (to Automotive News, our sister publication about 50 feet away from me).

Last month, Burgess sent me a great voicemail from one of his angry readers. You can listen to it, or just read the transcript.

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