‘Childishly simplistic and offensive’

This New York Post headline, writes Will Bunch, “brings to mind some classic Post sports headlines from years past, like Sandy Koufax’s perfect game in 1965. ‘Jew Da Man!,’ and Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point explosion against the Knicks (‘Blacktacular!’) and this more recent one when Jose Reyes left the Mets for Florida (“Press the Hispanic Button!”).

“OK, those aren’t actual headlines, and for obvious reasons. They’re offensive (or, in tabloid speak, “They’re Offensive!”).

“‘Amasian!’ pegs the entire saga to race in a way that is both childishly simplistic and offensive.”

* Will Bunch: Headless body on New York Post headline writer
* Headline writers wish they’d thought twice about this one?



  1. Well, it’s awfully white of Will to say that but in this, as in so many other things he scribbles about, he needs to get over this and over himself.

  2. Bill Reader said:

    The headline is sucktasticly craptacular. The Post is usually pretty clever with its offensive headlines, but that one doesn’t even reach the level of sophomoric — it’s kindergarten ‘kallow.’