Afternoon report

Ed Schultz

What I tweeted to @romenesko followers today:
* MSNBC’s Ed Schultz gets ratings by presenting himself as the one true advocate for the working man
* Pat Buchanan cites “incessant clamor from the left” as his reason for leaving MSNBC
* Idaho billionaire/Romney donor uses threats to silence news/opinion outlets critical of him
* NYT staff gathered at 12:30 this afternoon for a 15-minute tribute to Anthony Shadid
* Shadid remembered by Richard Engel, Dexter Filkins and other journalists
* Release date of Shadid’s book, “House of Stone,” moved up to Feb. 28 from March 27
* Gawker Media sells Fleshbot to the porn blog’s editor
* Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter, who died Thursday, recalled as “former Fullerton News Tribune paper boy”
* PR man Mario Ruiz quits Huffington Post to start own firm. One of his first clients: Huffington Post



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  1. So what does that make Ed Schulz? Second, third, or fourth loser?