NYT reconsiders Sunday Review cartoon solicitation

Earlier this month I posted an item about the New York Times “insulting” editorial cartoonists by asking them to submit spec drawings, for which they’d get only $250 if accepted. (“An original cartoon for The Times should pay closer to $1500 to $2000,” the cartoonists told the Times in a letter.)

This email was sent to the Times cartoon list of about 80 people this afternoon:

From: Sunday Review Cartoons NYT
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 15:09:21 -0500
To: Sunday Review Cartoons NYT
Subject: Sunday Review Cartoons


As I’m sure you all know, we got a lot of reactions to our request for cartoons for a new feature in the Sunday Review — much of it negative. Your very good questions and criticisms of our process have forced us to take a second look, and to reconsider. We are going to postpone adding the cartoon to our section until we can figure out a process that is fair to cartoonists and also works for us.

Appreciate your interest in the Times.

The Editors.