‘I wasn’t thrilled about it,’ says the store manager

Police reporters will point out that this was a burglary, not a robbery, but who cares in this case? (h/t @KevinthePang)

UPDATE: The headline has been changed. (I prefer the original.) Who deserves credit for it (versions 1 and 2)? “It was a collaboration between myself and editor Adam Silverman,” reporter Dan D’Ambrosio tells Romenesko readers. “Came out of our banter. P.S. I agree version #1 was better. Too bad it was inaccurate.”



  1. Rico said:

    Yeah, who cares that about sums it up doesn’t it?

  2. CGHill said:

    Weirdly enough, the Free Press has since changed “robbed” in the headline to “burglarized.” Go figure.

  3. We actually changed the headline pretty early after one of our reporters reminded us of the robbery/burglar distinction — which I should have had at my fingertips, as I’m a longtime crime & courts reporter. But it does have a better ring to it as “robbed,” doesn’t it …

    ~Adam Silverman, BFP local news editor