It’s reporting, not a beauty contest

Angela Corey

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey (at right) went after Folio Weekly’s reporter — criticizing her looks as well as her blog post — after she revealed that Corey distributed her reelection campaign petitions at the State Attorney’s office Christmas party, possibly in violation of Florida law.

Corey phoned the newspaper’s offices and blasted the “hideous” (her word) blog post, then said of Folio Weekly reporter Susan Eastman (below): “I understand why she is what she is.

Susan Eastman

“I understand her need to spit venom. I do. I finally saw her for the first time.”

* Florida State Attorney insults reporter’s appearance over critical blog post
* State Attorney uses Christmas party for high-pressure politicking



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  1. Bill Reader said:

    Yikes. The question is not one of physical appearance, but of ethical appearances. Beautiful work by Eastman and Folio Weekly. Hideous hubris by Corey and her cronies, followed by an even more hideous bit of grade-school sniping from the AG: “Well, I may be a blatantly corrupt politician, but you’re a poopy-pants!”