Morning report

* “I’ve spent most of my life interested in hurricanes,” says Dan Rather

* Kinsey Wilson promoted to NPR chief content officer; Margaret Low Smith named senior vice president for news

* Erik Wemple talks to news execs about covering Syria. CBS News: “Too risky to be in there unilaterally”

* In a tweet, NYT’s Charles Blow tells Romney: “Stick that in your magic underwear”

* Yemma: “Smart people loved the [Christian Science] Monitor, but few people saw it”

* Lucy Lawless tells Adweek: “I never Twitter – I’ve tried, but I can’t figure out how to leave a message”

* Shafer: Philly should count itself half-lucky that its magnates & sharp-shivved pols want to save its papers

* About 40 staffers in Reader’s Digest’s Weekly Reader group get pink slips