NYT Co. won’t make ex-CEO work too hard

More details about former New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson’s consulting deal came out in a Times 10-K filing last week. The Times tells Robinson that in exchange for paying her $4.5 million “you shall not be required to provide more than 15 hours of such services or assistance in any month.”

Sonya Hubbard points out that the consulting agreement doesn’t really require Robinson to provide a minimum number of hours at all. It states that she:

…shall provide consulting services as reasonably requested by the Company concerning Company matters with which you have been involved or have knowledge; provided that, in each case, (a) the Company shall provide you with reasonable advance notice when requesting such services or assistance, (b) the Company shall exercise reasonable efforts to schedule any services or assistance requested so as to not unreasonably disrupt your business and personal affairs and you shall exercise reasonable efforts to fulfill the Company‚Äôs consulting requests in a timely manner, notwithstanding your personal and other business commitments…

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  1. Frankel Rosenthal said:

    Good lord! What does she have on them? She was a failure as CEO, and yet they’re giving away the store to keep her quiet…