Patch: Warren Webster didn’t post comment on Business Insider

Warren Webster

Patch says someone was impersonating company president Warren Webster in the Business Insider comments section last week, and that the exec never responded to Main Street Connect’s founder. “In fact, Warren hadn’t even seen the BI post until he started hearing he had commented on it,” says Patch communications vice president Janine Iamunno.

That interesting revelation makes me ask: If not Warren Webster, who would take the time to spar with a Patch rival and write a lengthy defense of the AOL-owned company in the Business Insider comments section? Webster should order an investigation, find out who this Patch cheerleader is and then hire him or her immediately! Any ideas?

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  1. Bs said:

    I call bs. I work at patch and have seen many of WW’s emails and the writing style is similar. This sounds like back peddling to me from Janine Ianno. Let’s see the ip address

  2. Patchy said:

    It was probably a Patch editor who wanted to embarrass reporters who they knew wouldn’t bother to check out the story before posting. This just proves that when it comes to Patch, any rumor is fair game.

  3. BusinessInquier said:

    Boring. Get a life, Jim. You’re really becoming a joke and now I can see why Poynter forced you out because of the direction you wanted to take your blog in–from actual news to sensationalism funny paper stuff that you’d find on web blogs like Business Insider. Congrats! You did it!

  4. BusinessInquier said:

    Is this a spin off of the Onion?

  5. Dan said:

    “BusinessInquier” here raises some really thoughtful points. Tell us more, BusinessInquier!

  6. Jim said:

    Dear “BusinessInquier” — I believe you misspelled your own name. That should be “BusinessInquirer,” correct? Go visit Poynter for its oh-so-compelling material.