‘We love Romney’

A Detroit Free Press rival sends this note and image: “The Freep is allowing folks to tweet on their site right now for primary coverage. He’s an example of it backfiring.”

UPDATE: Detroit Free Press assistant managing editor/digital media Stefanie Murray sends this email:

Just saw the screenshot you posted. Yes, we are encouraging people to tweet with the hashtag and we’re running a real-time feed on our homepage. I’m monitoring it and banning abusive users and tweets that are off-topic or purely advertisement. This tweet shown, I deleted it within 5 seconds of it being posted. Obviously someone is trying to create drama where none exists by taking advantage of what we’re offering readers, posting something, then taking a fast screen shot before it is deleted. I think we can have a conversation about this, but the post with the big screenshot on your homepage now is fairly disingenuous to the real story – that tweet only existed for mere seconds.



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  1. Jonathan said:

    If a news organization posts a story and no one reads it is it really news?