It wasn’t just any old horse, Rupert

Don Van Natta Jr. tweets: “Hey @RupertMurdoch: [Rebekah] Brooks didn’t just ‘save an old horse from the glue factory.’ She ‘saved’ a Scotland Yard horse (barely). Big difference.”



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  1. Garry said:

    That horse wasn’t saved from the glue factory.
    Yet another lie from the King of Liars, Rupert Murdoch.
    The Metropolitan Police Service [Scotland Yard] retains ownership of the horses the retire. Any horse they retire is loaned out to people with the requirement that MPS can take it back at any time. Brooks had the horse for 2 years & returned it & it was loaned out to a retired police officer after that. According to what I read in the Telegraph, the horse died of natural causes with the next borrower. None of Scotland Yard’s horses are ever sent to the glue factory.