Breitbart’s last tweet

* Andrew Breitbart dead at 43 (
* Breitbart collapsed while walking near his home
* Tributes from Drudge, Huffington and others

What they’re saying about him on Twitter:

@marcambinder: “That final Tweet was less than seven hours ago. @AndrewBreitbart — He was very generous and patient w/ me, back in his Drudge days & now.”

@FishbowlDC (Betsy Rothstein): “I forged an unexpected friendship with @AndrewBreitbart only recently. But he was kind, unique and larger than life. I will miss him.”

@MegynKelly: “Farewell Andrew Breitbart and may God bless his family. We have such a short time together on this earth – kiss your loved ones today.”

@xeni: “Breitbart was a nice guy to have as a friend in those early LA blog scene days. I’m sad about last interactions. Wish I could say goodbye.”

@Kibblesmith (Groupon writer): “When someone’s official bio includes ‘I enjoy making enemies’ is it cool if he’s the one guy I’m openly glad is dead?”

@mattchew03: Just remembered how Breitbart mocked–and then copied–my old Twitter avatar.

@AndyRutledge: “Andrew Breitbart’s passing is such a tremendous loss. He was never afraid to say what must be said. By all accounts, a man of integrity.”

@DavidFolkenflik: “Astounding news about Andrew Breitbart – unrivaled, gleeful and self-created cultural warrior of digital age. Never seen an inbox like his.”

@HowardWeaver: “@davidfolkenflik that’s a wholly inadequate and misleading characterization of Brietbart, David.”

@AlecBaldwin: “Did Breitbart die?”

@RobTornoe: “Remember on the day Ted Kennedy died, Breitbart called him a ‘villain,’ ‘a big ass motherf@#$er,’ a ‘duplicitous bastard’ and a ‘prick.'”

@LachlanMarkay: “Andrew passed knowing that his life had purpose and meaning. How many trolls celebrating his death can say the same?”