USA Today sports staff told to reapply for jobs

A self-described “loyal reader” tells Romenesko readers:

There’s a good story brewing at USA Today. The online managers are in control and all reporters AND editors of the print sports section were told in a meeting Thursday they will have to reapply for their jobs. Obviously they won’t be rehiring some, and others will get lower pay. That’s some 90 or so people. Even the ME of the section has to re-apply for job if he wants to keep it.

Jim Hopkins has some of the story on his Gannett blog, but he doesn’t seem to have it all. Some posters there have said the ME was away on vacation when the announcement was made.

I have asked USA Today spokeswoman Heidi Zimmerman for comment. (UPDATE: “I can’t discuss personnel issues,” says Zimmerman.)

USA Today sports staffers (and others who know what’s going on): Please tell us more in the comments section.