From Romenesko’s files: The infamous Bryant Gumbel memo

I was going through some old files over the weekend and came across the infamous Bryant Gumbel memo to “Today” show executive producer Marty Ryan, written in 1988 and leaked in 1989. The New York Times’ Walter Goodman said in April of 1989 that “the commotion over the Gumbel memo offers the watchers of early-morning television a fresh perspective on the form” and that his “criticism of one co-worker for dumb carryings on and of others for unoriginality gave him the appearance of a vaudeville piano player clucking his tongue over how the jugglers are distracting the customers from his Liszt concertos.”
* Only Jane Pauley escaped unscathed in the memo (Los Angeles Times)
* Pauley says she didn’t read it (Deseret News)

I thought I’d share the memo with readers who didn’t see it 23 years ago.