Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

* Photographer who shot image of of John-John saluting JFK’s coffin is dead. Stan Stearns was 76. (Washington Post)
* Greensboro reporter is a bit puzzled after the FBI shows up at his home (
* Before he started making movies, Stanley Kubrick was “a star photojournalist.” (
* Magazine publishers are trying to decide whether to bundle app editions with print subscriptions or sell each medium separately. (
* Roger Ailes surprises everyone by writing a blurb for Rachel Maddow’s new book. (New York)
* Paul Farhi asks: Did Rush Limbaugh just have his Don Imus Moment? (Washington Post)
* Newsman writes own obit, says he “looked forward to growing old…and saying things like ‘by cracky.’ Sadly, that was not to be.” (

* Rolling Stone’s Eric Bates says death-of-print conversations are about newspapers, not magazines. (
* Dan Gillmor says it’s time for journalists to examine more closely all aspects of Apple and its power. (The Guardian)
* News & Observer wins Taylor Family Award for Fairness for “Twisted Truth: A Prosecutor Under Fire.” (Nieman Foundation)

A new Pew Research study based on analysis of private financial data from 38 newspapers found that those papers are losing $7 in print advertising for every $1 they’re gaining in new digital revenue. “Different management approaches can make a significant difference in performance,” say the study authors. “Some papers were growing both print and digital revenue and others had nearly matched print losses with digital dollars.” || Read the report and summary || Newspapers put faith in paywalls