Slashdot founder joins Washington Post

When Rob (“CmdrTaco”) Malda retired from Slashdot in August, he told readers that “I really don’t know” what’s next. “I don’t have a job lined up. I have no plans. I’m gonna spend some time with my boys and my wife. Read some books that have been on my shelf forever. Maybe it’s time to write a book of my own.”

Today he announces that’s joining the Washington Post as chief strategist and editor at large of its WaPo Labs.

So far the Labs team has done great work: They have a cool news aggregation technology called Trove. They have built a small editorial team that is working to sanitize and that data and make it more useful in the context of the modern internet. And most recently, Social Reader has become very successful as a Facebook, Android and iOS App. They are actively iterating and experimenting in many directions, with strong support from the top of the organization.

* Read the press release | Malda’s blog post about the new job



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  1. Richard Feyrer said:

    A ask again: When will the student media start running a crime on campus item listing all tickets, crimes, police calls, etc.? Sounds like it’s long overdue.