Blogger points out Daily Iowan’s errors, gets hired

“A local blogger kept criticizing our copy editing — so I hired him,” writes Daily Iowan editor Adam Sullivan. “Instead of getting salty that a blogger was promoting our mistakes, I emailed him and offered him a job as the associate copy editor. He accepted and will start in two weeks.”

I asked Sullivan about his decision to hire Zachery Tilley. He replied:

The associate copy editor position is new. We have a copy chief in place and the managing editors and I copy edit each page, but errors are still slipping through. I’ve seen his critiques on Twitter just for the last few weeks.

Tilley tells Romenesko readers in an email:

The thought of getting a job at the DI had never crossed my mind while I was pointing out the errors. I intended to put together a weekly collection of DI errors on my blog (all in fun, mostly), but 16 hours after the first installment I had a job offer.

It took me absolutely by surprise, but I was happy to take the job. In the end, I don’t think I was cut out for Internet trolling anyway.

* A blogger kept criticizing our copy editing — so I hired him
* Tilley’s “This Week in the Daily Iowan”



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  1. I think this one’s a gem. Especially in this climate, where copy editors seem to be undervalued.