Morning report

* Los Angeles Times wins Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism for its “Billions to Spend” colleges probe. (Nieman Foundation)
* Facebook Interest Lists turn your feed into a personalized newspaper. (Mashable)
* Kentucky newspaper offices are destroyed by a tornado, but the staff keeps publishing. (
* New York Times Magazine editors have tips for readers interested in writing a “Lives” essay. (New York Times)
* Chris Wallace: “No one [at Fox] – well, almost no one – is a jerk because Roger [Ailes] won’t allow it.” (Washington Post)
* New York Times and Conde Nast are “sending a formidable fleet” to SXSW. Abramson will be discussing the future of NYT. (Capital New York)
* Report: Philly Daily News editorial cartoonist was told her job is targeted if not enough people take buyouts. (