Blogging rules ‘a great idea,’ but…

Here’s what bloggers say about Simon Dumenco & Co.’s Council on Ethical Blogging and Aggregation (CEBA):

Choire Sicha at The Awl: “It seems like the sort of thing that’ll end, at best, with in-fighting, or at worst, with some sort of Night of the Long Blog Knives.”

Chris O’Shea at FishbowlNY: “While it’s a great idea, it’ll be preaching to the choir. Those that will listen to its ideas about ethical crediting already conduct themselves in the right way. Blogs that seedily go about linking won’t change, no matter what the CEBA comes up with.”

Hamilton Nolan at Gawker: “The day that I ask the editor of Esquire for a seal of approval on my blogging is the day that I sign a fabulously lucrative contract to write for And you, Adam Moss—no. No. Look, what Dumenco is trying to do is simply to codify “how to blog without being a huge prick” guidelines that all decent online writers already know.”

Rob Beschizza at Boing Boing: “The motives are honorable, the objectives reasonable, and the timing … timely. But no-one is going to care about these folks or whatever theses they nail to pastebin’s door, except for their entertainment value.”

Chris Crum at Web Pro News: “I just don’t see it working on any mass scale. …Aren’t the honest ones already doing it right anyway?”

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