J-prof’s sad final email to students

-- Pippin Ross's email to students

Brandeis University Broadcast Media professor and former public radio reporter Pippin Ross — an “emergency hire” this semester — was fired Feb. 28 after she was found allegedly drunk in a parked car in a campus lot. From one of the student newspaper’s reports on Ross:

According to one student, who asked to remain anonymous, “She once said ‘I’m what they would call sober now,’ and would talk about alcohol a lot and, like, make hints.” She was often very excited, and sent “very rude e-mails” and “cursed all the time.”

Sivan Levine ’13, who was also in her class, said that often, “she didn’t know what she was doing,” but that the students “brushed it off as her being a character.”

* University overlooked criminal record in hiring
* Professor terminated, intoxication on campus alleged



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  1. anon said:

    The person who hired her apparently did NOT google her first. I find that refreshing.