Why some newspapers aren’t running this week’s ‘Doonesbury’


“Given that the Georgia General Assembly is considering an abortion bill — House Bill 954, sponsored by Rep. Doug McKillip, R-Athens, which would prohibit abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy — I made a unilateral decision not to publish the ‘Doonesbury’ strips intended for publication this week. Quite simply, I thought there was a real possibility that readers might confuse the topic of this week’s ‘Doonesbury’ with Georgia’s proposed abortion legislation.” (Athens, GA Banner-Herald editor Jim Thompson)

“Editors believe he has expressed that opinion in a manner that skirts, if not crosses, the boundaries of good taste expected in a family newspaper.” (Vacaville, CA Reporter)

“I am concerned about the graphic content.” (Rock Hill, SC Herald)

“The language in the original strips was not appropriate for a comic that could be viewed by children.” (Ogden, UT Standard-Examiner)

“The Texas abortion cartoons venture too far for the comics pages.” (The Press of Atlantic City)

“Went over the line of good taste and humor.” Oregonian)

Other papers that aren’t running this week’s new strips in the print edition:
St. Paul Pioneer Press
– Tallahassee Democrat (“Thus far, no disclosure about its decision either in the paper or online,” says a reader)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
– Greensboro News & Record, and Winston-Salem Journal (via John Robinson)
– Utica Observer-Dispatch
– Indianapolis Star
– Arizona Daily Star

The Los Angeles Times has moved the strip from the comics section to the Op-Ed page. Similarly, the Houston Chronicle is putting the strips on its Outlook page.

Why the El Paso Times is running the strips: “The ‘Doonesbury’ series on the new Texas law is, in the tradition of the strip, pointed and destined to stir discussion. That fits with the purpose of our opinion page. We expect our readers will engage in a discussion of the contents of the latest ‘Doonesbury’ installment, and we look forward to carrying parts of that discussion on our opinion pages and our digital platforms in the coming days,” says editor Bob Moore.

“This would be jarring if all of a sudden Garfield tackled abortion and Republican right misogyny, but this is Doonesbury. It’s a political cartoon,” writes Journal Register’s Matt DeRienzo.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is running the strips, reports Max Brantley.

Here is today’s strip.



  1. The Nudnik said:

    I think the LA Times got it right. Doonesbury is a political cartoon and should probably be on the Op-Ed page more often than not.

    The papers that did not run it – SHAME ON YOU!

  2. E from TN said:

    yno yall babykiller type likes to talk bout how great denmark and whatnot is they got 12week maximum when exactly duz a baby become a baby?? “pregnancy termination” hahahahahahaha how many kids have they killed ay? and free speech?? we talkin bout local papers here they can do what f**k they wanna do