Afternoon report

* Washington Post aims to generate ideas and start building them at #PostDisrupt. (Gawker)
* Husni: “I was able to show students you didn’t have to be from New York to be a great magazine editor.” (American Journalism Review)
* More on the Conan O’Brien “End of Email Overload” video clip. (Fortune)
* Harper’s publisher’s “objections to the Internet come down to money …his inability to make any online.” (The Atlantic)
* Landfill magnate claims frequent commenter is a federal prosecutor. (New Orleans Times Picayune)
* Institutional Investor’s William Inman has been named editor-in-chief. (Talking Biz News)
* Publisher buys Collier’s magazine at auction for $2,000, starts subscription drive with 200,000 goal. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
* New Yorker’s Ian Frazier wins March Sidney Award for Stella D’oro story. (Hillman Foundation)