Denton opinion editor out after dispute with publisher

Mike Trimble, who has been with the A.H. Belo-owned Denton Record-Chronicle for 18 years, was fired after a dispute with publisher Bill Patterson. The Dallas Observer’s Greg Howard hears that the editorial stances taken by the 68-year-old Trimble weren’t conservative enough for the boss. Trimble tells Howard:

When I started, when someone got fired you went back in the storage room and found empty round boxes to put your shit in. Now they have ‘you’ve been laid off’ boxes back there. Brand new, folded up, still have the creases and everything. I guess that’s what they’re for.

* Denton Record-Chronicle opinion editor fired after clash with publisher



  1. RBMartin said:

    Mike Trimble has always been better than whatever publication he worked for, including the Arkansas Times where I was the editor in the early 1990s when he was, ahh, allowed to walk (not for insubordination let me assure you).

  2. A group of Denton Record Chronicle readers who have been upset by the firing of Mike Trimble have started a Facebook Group called Denton Free Press. It’s where people can write letters of appreciation to Mike for 18 good years of service to the Denton Community.