NY Post scolded by photographer

Credit: Leela Cyd

The New York Post declared this week that “Pinterest is the new Facebook,” and used the photo on the right to illustrate its story. The credit line said, “Courtesy Tory Burch via Pinterest.”

Actually, the photo was taken by Leela Cyd, and here’s an excerpt of the letter she’s sent to the tabloid:

The reason I’m writing … is to let you know you’ve used my photograph to illustrate your story without proper photo crediting. That’s my image up there, of Samantha Hutchinson of the very popular lifestyle blog, Could I Have That?. The picture was created for Tory Burch’s blog, which was pinned as such by over 500 people, without crediting.

It is this notion of losing photo credit that makes Pinterest so incredibly frustrating and heart-breaking to us photographers and makers of original content. People pin images I’ve taken all the time without proper crediting. It’s not a new issue, but it is a new medium that has busted the digital media world wide open. …

I do not take pictures for fun. I create photographs for a living. I work hard as a photographer as I’m sure you do as a writer — How would you like it if someone reposted your story exactly and credited as simply “NYPost.com”?

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  1. Lois Lane said:

    Tumblr is also a huge problem for uncredited images. The toothpaste has left the tube.

  2. Dow Jones said:

    If you don’t want people to see or use your stuff don’t put it on the world wide web. I would be a fool to push my lawnmower into the middle of the street and not expect someone to take it.

  3. Xiaoding said:

    The photo was created for a blog. The purpose of a blog is too be seen. Once posted on the blog, the picture is the property of the BLOG, not the photographer. In addition, I would make the argument, that a blog post IS public domain, unless you make the blog Private.

    This is equivalent to giving credit to an author, since the phot is PART OF the blog post.

    The lady needs to re-think her complaint. she should be grateful anyone looks at her photos at all. And, that’s not a great phto, it’s the person IN the photo that interests people.

    Get over it!